Music Reel

It's hard to put everything I've done over the years in a box, but I tried to build a nifty compilation of musical snippets I've done for myself and for others, with a multitude of different technological methods. Some of them were made with strict limitations, and others were not. There are all kinds of tracks, from podcast jingles to true hardware chiptune, and from more general use, pop, funk, rock, and whatnot.

Time-stamps: 00:00 Podcast Jingle 01 00:17 Podcast Jingle 02 00:35 Main Theme (NES) 01:03 Battle Music 01 (SNES) 02:07 Battle Music 02 (SNES) 03:10 Underwater (SEGA GENESIS) 04:26 Sports 01 (SEGA GENESIS) 05:00 Sports 02 (SEGA GENESIS) 05:41 Boss 01 (SEGA GENESIS) 06:24 Boss 02 (SEGA GENESIS) 07:09 N64(ish) Ambient 01 (WAV) 08:12 Ambient 02 (WAV) 09:24 Pop/Dance (WAV) 09:47 Pop/Indie (WAV) 10:21 PS1 Racing (WAV) 10:54 PS1 Fighting (WAV) 11:27 PS1 RPG (WAV) 11:59 Modern Chiptune (WAV) 11:52 Modern Ballad (WAV) 14:01 Modern Funk (WAV) 14:41 Modern Disco (WAV) 15:08 Modern Jungle (WAV) 15:42 Modern Rock (WAV) 16:07 Modern Heavy (WAV)

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