Maze Adventure Prototype

For fun, I created a video game prototype (with GDevelop) based on 4 colors, 4 buttons, and mazes. This is what I came up with, I used a typical CGA color scheme from the 80s, and the setting is my dog trying to get through maze-like levels, collecting cheese.

I programmed some "very sophisticated" features into it—like needing to wash your hands before leaving the toilet. There are missions you need to complete to get to the next level, like providing an energy drink for a cat and getting your passport approved.

You are able to push certain objects, and the prototype has dialog trees.

There is also a section where you need to complete a sub-level, to get an item you need.

In the end, the prototype was very playable, even though I had to build it with very strict limitations, such as creating the assets in 10x10 with 4 colors and using only arrow keys to move around.

*Gifs are captured at a lower framerate than the actual product runs at.

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