Aiwo CCI Design

I was the UX/UI Designer on a project where we created Aiwo CCI. It was designed from the ground up by turning rough ideas and raw sketches into finished product prototypes, managing countless iterations based on countless tests, and improving the finished product.

The end product from my end was an interactive Figma prototype, built with a custom design system based on Material UI. It guided the development of the product; all the big changes in design were benchmarked via the prototype before implementing a single line of code. It was all built from custom-made sticker sheets that I based on Material UI component libraries.

The design and the elements born alongside also acted as guidelines for updating the already existing products; they were also being used to create new side products.

I also helped with the marketing of the product, generating promo material and content.

Recommendations (from Aiwo):

Olli's development as a UX-designer and visual problem solver has been immense. He has an innate knack for creating beautiful and functional visualizations – building them from wireframes to full-fletched visual designs. Olli actively hones these skills through eager experimentation, iteration, and studies – continuously growing as a holistic designer. Olli is an endearing part of the workforce with his Finnish quality of humor resonating with all the people around him. –Aate Autio (Aiwo)

Steering technical product development I was working with Olli in converting customer and business requirements to product UX, user interfaces and implementation. Olli takes responsibility in digging deep into requirements and communicating them and related aspects within the team. Where Olli shines is creating incredible end-user experiences that look graphically amazing. Also, there is never dull moment working with Olli especially if you have Finnish sense of dark humour. –Hannu Klemetti (Aiwo)

“Working with Olli is a real privilege. He is a creative thinker who always works hard and smart to get job done. You can always count on his help, vision and on his honest opinion. One might call him a UX designer, but really he is an artist. He is the kind of player you definitely want to have in your team. I would work with him again at any time and with great pleasure.” Saana Borgström (Paytrail, Aiwo)

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