Video-Game Music (Mega Cat Studios)

During the 2020s I worked with Mega Cat Studios—composing and producing tunes for retro video games (NES, SNES, Mega Drive, etc.) I have no idea where they ended up, and if any was actually used in a published video game. But, the video-game development business is hard. However, it was a great learning experience to develop themes with very limited sound palettes and memory limitations, so I'll express great gratitude towards James Deighan, for enabling me to make music for them.

I made the songs mainly by using tracker software like DefleMask, Famitracker, and SNES GSS, there were also some tracks here and there done with traditional sequencers. In 2021, Mega Cat Studio was kind enough to compile a collection of songs as a Spotify album called "All Forms Of Pandas", which was my "artist" name at the time. Most of the tracks on this album were done for Sega Mega Drive—a bunch of the other stuff is currently available nowhere...

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