Collected Works, Vol. 1

Volume one of the collected tracks from my youth and adulthood, in no particular order. 


1.) Not So Deep In the Cortex (feat. Mikko Vieru) 

While I was working as a Software Developer at Paytrail, my workmate Mikko sent me a clean guitar riff he had made. I mutated it into a song, sounding like a generic snowboarding movie. I especially had fun doing the guitar/bass guitar solos. This track was the first track on my old EP called "Centering Still Cascading", which I did after a year-long break from music making. 

2). Drop the Middle Ages 

Somewhere around 2014, I was hugely inspired by Lusine, I took my Renoise Tracker, and snippets from my old-ass songs and made this. This was one of the first times I understood the potential of slicing in music-making. 

3.) Säde Re-Edit 

Since the original song "Säde" which I did in around 2013 felt too personal, I removed the lyrics and made this EDM(ish) remix a few years later. Listening to it nowadays, gives me a headache, due to itsbouncy mix. 

4.) Daddy Has a 

For the longest time (10+ years), I dreamed of having SampleTank VSTi, and then I got it and made this song. Not long after that, it stopped working since I switched to an ARM-based MacBook. I haven't used SampleTank since. 

5.) Radio Six 

Weirdly this song got its start when I watched "Superbad". I took a sample of Emma Stone saying "What the f#%k", and built a song around it. I made this song at the same time with a Final Fantasy X remix that got 10k+ views on YouTube and got taken down by a copyright strike. I'm not sure what the year was, probably 2011. 

6.) No Strings Attached 

Blast from the past, I think I was still studying to be an automation technician. I especially enjoyed doing the accordion parts. Around this time I understood I could use random sound effects by dropping them into the mix. 

7.) Calculus 

One of the songs that were inspired by Aoki Takamasa, he had a huge influence on me around the time a movie called "Appleseed EX Machina" was released. The way he uses so little to make so much made an impact. However, this song has nothing to do with such greatness. 

8.) atmos 

Made purely in Renoise Tracker, in 2016. I was still learning the ropes, and this resulted in very empty songs, but it has its charm in all its minimalism. 

9.) Karvalakki Silmieni Tiellä 

Around 2014 I had a feeling I should write some lyrics, I made this story about an old man who has to pick up his wife from the train station, but the car is stuck in the ice, while he's wearing long underpants. I think the only thing that carries this song is the cowbell. 

10.) Zone Two 

In 2011, I tried to make dubstep. I failed miserably and turned the song into anything else. So, this song has nothing to do with dubstep, but it's a song alright. 

11.) Strength For the Day 

Another one from the "Centering Still Cascading" EP, including rough-sounding slap bass recorded with my cheap-ass Harley Benton I used to have. Weirdly this had some strange Cheek influence, even I couldn't stand his music, making music is weird. 

12.) Highway of Life 

The short snippet of dialogue from a very old radio advertisement got this piano around it very easily. It was an outro song on "Centering Still Cascading" EP, that nobody listened to. 


released October 31, 2019

Music: Olli Suoranta 
Guitar (Track 1): Mikko Vieru 
Cover art: Olli Suoranta

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