Collected Works, Vol. 2

Volume two of the collected tracks from my youth and adulthood, in no particular order. 


1.) Fraction of Life (feat. Kaisa Rinta-Tassi) 

When I first started working on this song in 2016 and asked Kaisa to do the vocals and melodies, it was a slow ballad. Then it somehow got remixed over time and transformed into a more straightforward pop song. It still has remnants of that ethereal original vibe and David Torn(ish) guitar ambiance. 

2.) IIX 

In 2013, I still had flashbacks of my "progressive rock" youth, and I felt like I needed to make a song like this. Unfortunately, just like many of my other songs at the time, it was somewhat ruined by the non-impactful sounds and mixing. 

3.) Tutorial Level Is Bad Design 

One of those "made in a day" songs that just appeared from nowhere. I have no clue when it was even made, but I sure can hear it was made in Renoise Tracker. I remember this song having at least one (1) fan on YouTube. 

4.) Mac Mini 

This song has a fun story. I was a Windows user in the 2000s and a Linux user in the 2010s, then I decided to get a Nintendo Switch. As I browsed the e-shop while staying at a hotel in Vaasa, I found an app called "KORG Gadget", I tried it a little and somehow it just clicked. I had been in a rut of some kind for a long time when comes to music-making, and the experience of using that Nintendo Switch app thrust me into changing all my gear to Apple products, just so I could buy the KORG Gadget 2. This particular song was the first track that I ever released by using Gadget and my newly bought (used) Mac Mini. I've been solely using KORG Gadget ever since. 

5.) Zone One 

In somewhere around 2007, I overheard a YMO performance on television, they were performing at a Live Earth concert. This was a musical turning point for me as I heard the song, Rydeen. So far I have been a metalhead and a fan of progressive rock, but this one song transformed me overnight into a fan of electronic music, particularly Japanese Techno. Zone One as a song was inspired by the works of Ryuichi Sakamoto, one of my greatest influences. This was also one of the first times I ever used a bit-crusher. 

6.) Clutter 

There is this one song called "Jason Waterfalls" by Form & Shape. It was the reason I made this song. I was impressed by how the side-chaining made the rhythm feel very "off-the-grid", I tried to achieve something like that but took it even further, by having a synth that is not played on tempo, but still fits into the rhythm. 

7.) I Can't Describe 

A short track made to convey the feeling of losing something, but being relieved and happy about it at the same time. 

8.) Muggy Mug Mug 

This song is basically YMO's Rydeen without being Rydeen at all. Made almost entirely with the excellent VSTi called Synth1 made by Ichiro Toda. 

9.) Discord Jam 

In somewhere around 2011, I discovered an otherwordly bassist called Mick Karn. At the time I was obsessed with his almost alien outlook on playing bass. I was fascinated by trying to find alternative ways to write basslines, not caring so much. This was one of the results of that. 

10.) Maya 

I have absolutely zero memories of making this song. I was probably trying out my newly bought VSTi called BFD Eco. 

11.) Life Path Number Six 

The same goes with this song, I remember nothing about making it. 

12.) Weep 

One of the weirder songs I've made. I have no clue why I made it, or when I made it, but according to the drum sounds, it was made at the same time as "Maya" probably.


released August 27, 2021

Music: Olli Suoranta 
Vocals (Track 1): Kaisa Rinta-Tassi 
Cover art: Olli Suoranta

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