Merchant Panel Re-Design

After successfully implementing a mobile-responsive layout for the Paytrail Payment Page, I got a gig to lead a project where we would re-design the entire merchant panel and make it responsive on the side. This was my first proper design job ever. The project was done with few resources, and I was part of the development team as well.

Note! Apologies for the low-quality images.

The finished product was a success, and it got a lot of praise from our clients.

Recommendations (from Paytrail):

“I was the one hiring Olli. Never had doubts on him. Always was proud of him. Often was jealous about his height. We had many seasons together on product development adventures. Olli is an active, honest and open colleague. He is willing to give and receive help. He didn’t always agree and there were times when assignments did not tickle all his ambitions and desires - yet he played for the logo in his shirt. Olli is a multi-talent person and together with his personal characteristics and attitude towards work, he is really something. Man, I miss him.” –Vesa Kortteinen (Paytrail)

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