Responsive Payment Page

The problem

At the time (2015), at Paytrail, the payment page, which was the core component of the service, was barely usable on mobile devices. Users had to zoom in and out to use the desktop-built version of it.

The challenge

I was being asked to turn it mobile-responsive and take care of the needed design-related work along the way. The job had to be done in a relatively short timeframe, with minimal architectural changes.

The process

This was my first lead role in my career; I was in charge of the project, and I had a designated tester and a senior developer to consult. I chose to use a responsive boilerplate called Skeleton and implemented the grid system so that it functions with any resolution and screen size. When it came to the design, I wanted to keep the original minimal aesthetic.

The End result

In the end, the product was a success; users were pleased with it, and it caused no major issues. It was functioning as their payment page for many years to come.

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